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Puppy & Kitten


Getting Your New Puppy Started the Right Way

At Coastal Holistic, we believe getting your new pet started right is one of the most important ways to prevent illness and ensure your pet's long-term health. A basic, balanced holistic health plan involves feeding the best food possible, minimizing exposure to pesticides and chemicals, vaccinating only when necessary, providing consistent training and exercise, and minimizing stress for everyone involved.

With this goal in mind, we proudly offer New Puppy Consultations. These consultations are an hour in length and are more comprehensive than the well-puppy exams offered by most regular veterinarians.

During your consultation, your holistic veterinarian will review your puppy's history, conduct a thorough physical exam, and discuss topics such as: the optimal diet for your puppy; basic puppy training; tips to control chewing; heartworms; vaccine schedules; and any questions you may have. Based on your puppy's vaccine history and living environment, your doctor will determine a plan to make sure your puppy receives the minimum vaccinations necessary to provide adequate protection. We can give these vaccines at the time of your new puppy consultation.

Our main goal is to help you get your puppy started right so you can avoid many of the problems that commonly occur with puppies, such as over-vaccination and health issues caused by feeding your pet an improper diet.

Because we allow more time for you and your pet to spend with the doctor, the first visit to our clinic may be more expensive than your first visit to a "regular" veterinarian.

Important Appointment Policies

When scheduling a new puppy consultation, we ask that you provide a valid credit card number to hold your appointment. If you are unable to keep your appointment and you must reschedule or cancel, we require 24 hours notice, otherwise your credit card will be charged for the amount of the initial consultation fee. As our practice continues to grow, we encourage our clients to adhere as closely as possible to scheduled appointments for the consideration of other clients, as we may have turned away clients who desired your appointment time. We understand that sometimes unexpected events occur, but your cooperation with our appointment policy is greatly appreciated.

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